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Breastfeeding around the world

I’m confused as to why grown ass kids are being breast fed in the third picture.

Cause White People…. Cause White People

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Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act: ‘Null and Void’

In a victory activists were unsure they’d get, Uganda’s Constitutional Court overturned the country’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act today, declaring the anti-LGBT law “null and void” because of a parliamentary technicality in how it was passed.  

The court determined that when members of Parliament passed the law in December 2013, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had not established quorum — a required minimum number of members present to vote — effectively invalidating the law. 

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A Day On The Beach (In Pictures)

Swimsuit Designed by Me

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Aminat Ayinde covers Baku Magazine, shot by Adrian Steirn on location in South Africa.

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Five kids. Forty-six. Fabulous. Nicole Murphy.


Five kids. Forty-six. Fabulous. Nicole Murphy.

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Stella from


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